A Black Woman’s Plight: Our Women’s Struggle In the Music Industry

Progress Is Key

Black women in music have had a progression through time.  In the early 20th century, Black women created a name for themselves with a brand new genre of black music. The Blues, headed by forerunner Ma Rainey, paved a road for Black women to express themselves on a national level. As time progressed and Jazz music emerged, a new group of amazing and talented women materialized. In the 1980s, hip-hop surfaced and the female rapper was produced.  Through the emergence of rap music, a negative portrayal of Black women began to rear its ugly head.  This paper will examine how Black women in music, starting from Blues, have somehow manifested into a current state of negative portrayal of the black female race.

I became interested in this topic when I was reading an online article about Black women in the music industry. This article’s title read, “Where are the…

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