Lessons Adorned With Silver Bracelets


Let's B Frank About School

Put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest. This is the dialogue heard as a suspect is surrounded by several robust police officers. Some onlookers gaze in dismay, while others present a countenance of jadedness. What is more alarming than the arrest itself, is where it took place and who it involved. The scene is a high school and the suspect is 15 years old….your 15 year old, my 15 year old, society’s 15 year old. While practical application is an optimal learning tool, this is not what we as educators, parents, and members of society had in mind for the lesson of the day.

More and more African-American children are going to jail instead of going to class and we’ve got to do something about it. Not all, but most of these children are deficient in literacy and math skills, resulting in below grade level placements. Due…

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