The Comedic Express: Comedy and Ebonics, A Love and Hate Relationship

Progress Is Key



Making people laugh is an eloquent art-form that dates back centuries to many possible origins. Many movies and comedians attempt and fail to provide comedic relief in their entertainment strategies and fall from grace. Others are successful in this attempt and flourish because they know how to connect to what people want to hear.  Often, this fail or success rate is determined by the comedic performance’s ability to connect with an audience. And connecting with an audience is most often based on being able to “speak the audience’s language”.  But when it comes to language, there has never been a comedic outlet that supports the use of Ebonics in a way that validates its significance. (I will revert back and forth through the terms Black English and Ebonics, as they generally denote the same meaning.)  The use of Ebonics in comedy is becoming a trend for comedic puns and…

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