Jack Welch on the government shutdown: “Both sides deserve a spanking”

Piers Morgan

As the nation neared the end of a second straight day set upon the backdrop of a government shutdown, on Wednesday evening Piers Morgan asked Jack Welch to share his unique insight and perspective.

Joining “Piers Morgan Live” for a face to face interview, the former Chairman and CEO of General Electric refused to choose a side, instead holding each of America’s prominent political parties equally responsible:

“It’s terrible. I mean, both sides deserve a spanking for this. The fact that they’re not talking and haven’t been talking for the last six months, Piers, terrible,” said Welch.

Seated across from the “Piers Morgan Live” host, Welch offered a colorful metaphor for the way in which he thinks President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner should have been treating their professional relationship to this point:

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